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Thank you to Culter Theatre Club who have given us a donation of £100.  This will be used towards the costs for the summer term show.

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Message from Joshua and Lili Coutts

Dear P3R and P7P

We are fine and going to the Wegwijzer school In Rhoon, Holland for a while.  Everything is going fine at the dutch school.  Everyone is very nice including the teachers.  Mine (Joshua’s) is Mr Jaap and very tall, someone said more than 2m tall.  Everyone cycles to school and we come past a deer park on the way there.  We also get gym 2 x a week and there is a separate crafts and painting room.  They had put welcome on the Smartboards on our 1st day.  The dutch Santa comes to school on December 5th and we need to put a shoe out for him to leave everyone a treat.  He has a white horse here and helpers covered in black soon called Black Pieters.

Hope you are fine. We heard you had snow, hope that was fun.

Joshua and Lili Coutts